Personal Assistant

Personal assistants will help you solve your questions in Ukraine. Virtual Assistance Available. Save time, money with us.

Depending on your needs, you can order the services of personal assistants, who will perform yours tasks:

  • being personally near you;
  • remote support (virtual assistant);
  • alternating, personally near you and remote support.

Currently, we provide this service on request. To order the personal assistant you need to write down the main tasks (preferably with the details) solution of which you want to have, and send to us (contact form, email). After analyzing your tasks, we can pre-calculate the cost of services of a personal assistant (for personally or remote support) and choose the right candidate. This approach will help to save yours and our time and money.

In general, a personal assistant in Ukraine can be very useful for you in helping to decide ordinary business issues and issues related to the organization solving everyday problems and leisure activities. Also on our site you can find almost complete separate solutions and services on specific issues with which a foreigner may encounter in Ukraine.