Legal Assistance

Learn about practises of legal assistance, that may be useful for foreign citizens and businessmen in Ukraine. We can help you!

If you are interested in any of the following practices, let us know and our Lawyers Partners will help you.

Judicial practice

We are convinced that lawyer activity that based on the rule of law, a priority of social interests and democratic, can earn the trust of Ukrainian and foreign citizens in the judicial system of Ukraine.

Our Partners successfully represent Interests of their clients in courts of all instances Ukraine, in particular, in next questions:

  • debt collection;
  • tax disputes, insurance disputes;
  • resolving land disputes and disputes concerning property;
  • settlement of corporate disputes;
  • disputes in the field of competition law and intellectual property rights;
  • settlement of disputes in the field of advertising and media relations;
  • consumer protection;
  • dispute resolution of labor, family and inheritance disputes;
  • protection in criminal and administrative processes.

Legal audit

Management of any organization requires regularly receive reliable information about its conformity to the requirements of the law and the commitments that you have undertaken.

Audit from the our partners allows to get current information about hidden risks:

  • in corporate relationships between the founders and participants companies;
  • in relationships with employees and persons performing work under civil law agreements;
  • in relations with contractors, in contracts of customer;
  • in relations with tax and regulatory authorities;
  • in activities requiring special permits;
  • in relations with the use of intellectual property;
  • property relations in the company and so on.

Intellectual Property in Ukraine

In the post-crisis period in Ukraine, representatives of national and international businesses are turning to intellectual property as the most effective tool for the protection of investments. During the times of economic crisis particularly keenly felt need for an effective tool to protect innovations from the plagiarism and unlawful use.

That is why our partners offer a full range of legal services in the field of intellectual property, that provides:

  • national and international registration of intellectual property rights;
  • registration of contracts and maintenance of their state registration;
  • protection of intellectual property rights in judicial and law enforcement, and also at the customs border.

Our partners can be ordered research in the field of intellectual property to the definition of "patent clearance" of object intellectual property, prediction of risks violation of the rights of third parties, respecting intellectual property rights by third parties.

Also possible to provide consulting in the field of intellectual property on issues:

  • determining tactics and procedures for the protection of brand and product innovation;
  • forming a strategy to market with an innovative product;
  • company capital increase with the help of intellectual property rights;
  • tax optimization with the use of intellectual property rights;
  • distribution of intellectual property rights in the procedures of M & A;
  • audit of intellectual property rights in the procedures of IPO.

Other important legal practices

Dear visitor, also our partners can provide you first-class legal assistance in Ukraine in the following:

  • Protection against unfair competition;
  • Tax Law in Ukraine (Taxation);
  • Help in Alternative dispute resolution;
  • Real estate in Ukraine (legal support, assistance in the acquisition, assistance in obtaining permits ...);
  • Corporate Law, Company establishment in Ukraine, Company Registration, the choice of the legal form of transactions with shares in the authorized capital reorganization (merger, acquisition, transformation) and liquidation, full Assistance in business;
  • Work and employment (legal support to obtain work permits, registration of foreigners in Ukraine, obtaining tax numbers);
  • Informational relations in Ukraine (formation of information policy of the company and protection of confidential information; protection of personal data; protect the rights of journalists and media personnel).

If you are interested in legal services, please send us your request and we will help you to get professional legal advice.