Apartments & Offices Rentals

If you prefer an apartment, not hotel, or if you need office we can help you with rent. Help with buying real estate in UA.

Help with apartments rental

We can help you find apartments that fit your needs by location, number of rooms, design and price. This can be hourly, daily and long-term leases.

We can help you find the apartment as quickly as possible, because we cooperate with several real estate agencies and owners of apartments, without intermediaries. Turning to us you will save time and money as opposed to independent search the apartment. Especially if it is necessary to do as quickly as possible!

Help with office rental

Assistance in finding office space, we are also using our partnerships with real estate companies. We will find the office space according to your requirements, and you make the final choice and sign an agreement on the lease with owner. We can also assist to equip the office: renting or buying the office furniture and equipment. We can organize cooking and delivery of quality food for employees (we cooperate with several restaurants).

If you need, we can find you an real estate that you can buy. When buying real estate, you can turn for help to lawyers (our partners) who have experience in work with foreigners.

Usually we provide this service only in Kiev, but if necessary we can assist you in searching of apartments and offices in other cities of Ukraine.