Money Transfers

Local transfers in Ukrainian banks. Help with receiving: Western Union, MoneyGram, UNISTREAM, and other. Money exchange.

Money Exchange

We can help you find the best exchange rate. This may be relevant if you need to exchange a large sum of money. The exchange will take place in the bank (at a favorable rate)!

Receiving and sending money transfers

Foreigners in Ukraine often encounter the problem of receiving and sending money by the systems WESTERN UNION, MONEYGRAM, UNISTREAM and other. Our banks are constantly demanding information about the place of registration in Ukraine. We have a solution to this annoying problem. Our bank partners will help get / send your transfer!

Also we can help you in sending and receiving transfers on the territory of Ukraine with the use Ukrainian banks.

On these services we don't have a fixed fee, all will depend on the amount of the transaction.Contact us and we will calculate and help you. Currency exchange operations are possible only in Kiev.