Summer holidays in Ukrainian Carpathians

October 15, 2015

Never been in the Carpathian Mountains in the summer? Hiking addict? Like to breathe the fresh air in the mountains? Then you should visit the endless expanses of Carpathian forests, which are rightly considered the lungs of Ukraine.

Carpathian Mountains are a huge mountain range, which runs through eastern Europe, part of which is situated in the west of Ukraine.

How to reach?

The Carpathian Mountains can be reached by plane via Ivano-Frankivsk, train or car. The most preferred way to travel in the mountains is on your or rent car. In this case, all attractions will be at your disposal without having to study the schedule of tours or public trasnport for a long time.

Diesel train Lviv Rakhiv

Diesel train Lviv-Rakhiv

Where to stay?

All hotels in the Carpathians are working year-round. The summer season slightly changes the way of choosing the destinations. If in the winter it is best to stay near the ski lifts, in the summer you can find a hotel away from the main road, on the edge of a forest or on a mountain slope. You will be able to reach the forest for a walk immediately after leaving the house.

place to stay in the Carpathians

mountain village

What to see?

During summer in the Carpathians you can find activities for people of any age. In the first place all the tourists rush to the hiking. All routes are marked according to international standards, and in the tourist centers you can get detailed maps. If you want a little extreme, ride an ATV or quad bike on the steep slopes. There are also some options for returning back for those who are bored to walk: mountain biking, paragliding with an instructor or horse riding.

ride an ATV

paragliding in Carpathians

On hot days, you will find a mountain lake with water sports and sandy beach.

mountain lake

Many paths lead to the "poloniny" - treeless areas, which are used as pasture. The flora is very similar to alpine meadows. In these places you can often find shepherds who live here all summer in small houses and make cheese.

carpathian horses

beautiful mountains

The tops of some mountains can be reached by cable car. Many travelers come to the Carpathian Mountains to climb to the highest point of Ukraine - mount Hoverla (2061 m). Sights are stunning. If the weather is good, visibility is about 60 km.

highest point of Ukraine mount hoverla

mountain trails

descent from mountain

carpathian mountains in summer

Clear mountain streams with drinking water will help you brush up on your way to the top.

mountain stream

Nearly the whole summer season you can find a very tasty and healthy berries in the woods and meadows: blueberries, cranberries, blackberries, raspberries. Also you can buy famous Carpathian honey and herbs.

blueberries carpathians

In the rainy season the forests abound with mushrooms. Locals harvest them in unimaginable numbers for themselves and for sale. Tourists are offered dried mushrooms, which can be stored for a long time. Basically, they collect and sell only one species - "white" mushroom, or king bolete. You can try them as a part of many national dishes. But beware: there are many nature reserves in the Carpathians in which gathering flowers, berries, mushrooms and other plants is prohibited.

cableway in the mountains

If you need to improve your health there are health resorts with mineral waters in different parts of the Carpathians : Morshyn, Truskavets, Kvasy. The water in each of them has unique healing properties.

village kvasy

Village Kvasy

Carpathian land keeps a memory of the first years of the Ukrainian state formation. In the Middle Ages it housed a large number of castles, some of which are now restored. For example, it is recommended to visit the castle in Mukachevo.

palanok castle

Palanok castle

If you enjoyed this brief overview of the summer in the Carpathian Mountains, then we suggest you read overview about Winter holidays in Ukrainian Carpathians. Welcome to the Carpathians!

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